Today you almost search for everything in search engines ,before click on the search result pages do you think they are trust enough to click, may be they are malware sites,clicking on those sites may download malicious code into your computer.

So how to protect from clicking on malware sites on search engines?

If you are using AVG Anti-Virus then AVG includes linkscanner in their anti-virus which scans the pages before being shown to you and show the ratings for websites as they safe to click or not.

If you are not using AVG Anti-Virus don’t worry AVG released AVG LinkScanner which you can now use with any antivirus software without any conflicts.

AVG Linkscanner_ratings

Features of AVG LinkScanner:

1.Runs in the background.

2.Scans the results for popular search engines like Google,Yahoo and MSN,and shows the results of websites shown on search pages are safe or malicious.

3.It will not slow down your computer.

4.Easy for you to install and use.

5.Works with Win 2K,XP,Vista (32&64bits).

6.Compatible with Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.

7.It’s freeware also.

download AVG LinkScanner

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