angel writer

Lot of people are still use  Microsoft Word for text editing and formatting.Microsoft word comes with Microsoft Office which is a paid software.Lot of people have more need to use Word than any other office applications .Angel writer is free alternative to Microsoft Word.

Features of Angel writer

  • Almost similar interface to Microsoft Word ,so you will have no problem to use Angel writer
  • unlike Ms Word it does not take lot of time to load ,loads very quickly.
  • You can do all possible editing and formatting of a document as you can do with Microsoft Word.
  • You can insert images ,create and manage tables,insert hyperlinks.and you can change text fonts color.

Summary:Angel writer is a free text editor like Microsoft word you can create impressive documents containing images ,tables and text.It’s a freeware also.

If you want to encrypt your text in a notepad with a password try Encrypt Your Data With Portable LockNote which is also a freeware.

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