There is a lot of buzz about Wolfram alpha as it is launched all are looking at how it interpret and gives computation results based on the input we give.As it reacts quite funny to certain words all are treating these are Easter Eggs.

I myself enter few words as input and having fun found some Wolfram alpha Ester Eggs.

First you read to know more about  wolfram alpha is not a search engine like Google as it launched 3 days back.

1.Tallest man

If you enter “tallest man” Wolfram alpha gives the details about tallest man in the world with his measurements in units.similarly you can find shortest man and fattest man.etc.

tallest_man_results in _wolfram_alpha

2.Do you drink

If you enter “do you drink” in Wolfram alpha search it will say “No I can’t”.Similarly you can try do you sleep etc will also give same results,


3.what are you

If you enter “what are you” it says ”I am a computational knowledge engine”.

what_are_you_easter_egg .

4.who am I

If you ask “who am I” it shows your location details  including your ISP using GeoIP.


5.Where are you

Enter “Where are you “it says” I lives on internet “ this is funniest answer.


6.what is your contact information

Enter “what is your contact information” in wolfram alpha search it gives info@wolframalpha.com

What_is _your_contact_information

7.what is your name

If you ask “what is your name” it says my name is Wolfram|Alpha

what is your_name_easter_egg

8.How old are you

if you enter” how old are you” it shows the time till now in days since it has launched .



If you enter “hell” or “heaven”it assumes hell and heaven as a movies and gives the names of actors and technical staff involved  in those movies.


If you know any other Easter Eggs of Wolfram alpha ?share with me I will update .

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