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USB drives are replacing CD/DVDs as people are preferring to use pen drives more often because of portability and maximum data storage possibility. As there are advantages of using these, there are also some problems too, these are: auto run viruses and Trojans spreading through and infecting computer.

This post concentrates from basic user knowledge to intermediate on how to protect your computer from pen drive viruses and what to do when viruses infects pen drives.

7 solutions to your pen drive problems:

1. Disable autorun of removal drives: First of all Windows autorun is the entry point for viruses to enter from USB drives, viruses modify autorun files, so we should turn off autorun on removable drives.

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2. How to know a pen drive has a virus: Having said autorun viruses are spreading on opening pen drive, how should I know there is a virus without even opening it?.

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3. USB drive will not appear on your computer: This also happens when windows fail to allocate a drive letter for the USB drive.

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4. Unable to open pen drive or getting open with warning: This happens when antivirus has removed the virus, but autorun entry for that virus has been remained.

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5. Getting generic volume error while stopping the pen drive: This warning will come when the closed programs from pen drive still using the memory in the background.

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6. An Exception occurred hot plug dll error: You will get this error on computers installed with backup programs like Acronis and Norton Ghost.

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7. Worms infected the pen drive: Worms infecting the pen drive which are only detected by certain anti-viruses, how to unlock or remove them.

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More suggestions: Always format your Flash Drive when you use it on others computers. Don’t use XP, switch to Windows 7 or Windows 8, and ensure you’re using Antivirus and powerful anti-malware in your computer like Malwarebytes and always scan them if brought data from other systems.

You need to right click on USB drive and select Scan option, never double click on USB drive if you’re suspicious of viruses in it, and disable autorun, press Shift button after inserting it.

If you have any problems or question related to pen drives ask in the comments, I am happy to help.

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