Ie8 Menu Bar

As Internet Explorer 8 released ,if you are updated to IE8 from IE7 you can observe the menu bar of IE8 is below to the address bar which is quite opposite to the other browsers as their Menu bar is above address bar.With a little tweak we can bring back IE8 Menu bar to the top.

If you are using IE7 read tweak to bring back IE7 menu to top.

Tweak to bring back IE8 Menu bar to top:

Before editing your registry backup your registry, so that if anything goes wrong ,by restoring registry you can bring your computer back  to it’s previous state .

1.Open registry editor by typing regedit in Run box

2.Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\WebBrowser

3.In the right pane create a Dword by right click new>Dowrd “ITBar7Position” and give it value ‘1’ .


4.Restart your computer and you can see IE8 menu bar on top.

5.If you do not want your IE8 menu bar to be  on top, go the navigation registry entry said above and delete ITBar8Position ,restart your computer.

Comparison of IE8 Menu bar

Here the changes you can observe on above screenshot.

Have you move your IE8 menu bar to top ?share with us in comments.

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