WinRAR _Archive

You have downloaded a lot of WinRAR archive files, which may contain MP3 songs or videos from file sharing sites such as Rapid share. Generally these days, programs with bigger size have been split into parts and uploaded as archives after compressing them, so that users who download them can save download time.

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After downloading these WinRAR archive files, you have to extract them separately to each folder, that’s very time consuming to extract files if you have more than from 10 archives to extract. There is a trick, with which, we can extract files from Multiple WinRAR archives with a single click.

1. Select all the WinRAR archives.

2. Right click and follow any one mentioned below to extract these files from archives

  • Selecting Extract files will extract all the files to the current directory.
  • You can specify the saving location for Extracted files by selecting Extract here.
  • You can extract each archive to a separate folder by selecting Extract each archive to separate folder.

Extract files from WinRAR archives

3. This will save a lot of time.

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