IE7_customize your settings

Though IE8 is released still lot of people are preferring to use IE7.You can face a problem with IE7 when you run IE7 for the first time,an annoying runonce page appears which requires us to specify default search provider,enabling phishing filter and like these options.

IE7 runonce page

After we had customized the IE7 with the settings we chosen, still when you open IE7 it will run runonce page again ,it’s annoying .We can remove this runonce page,so that it will  not appear again in IE7 with IE7 Runonce Remover.It’s a Freeware also.

1.Just Download IE7 RunOnce Remover .

2.Save it to your hard drive, run it click Remove in the IE7 Runonce Remover window.

3.Restart your IE7.

That’s it no more annoying runonce page will appear in IE7.

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