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Firefox 3.09 has been released .Several security issues and bugs that were found in Firefox 3.08 are fixed .Update your Firefox to latest version of Firefox 3.09 for safer and secured browsing.

Read Firefox 3.09 release notes for more details .

How to update to Firefox 3.09?

1.Open the Firefox browser.

2.From Help menu click Check for Updates 

3.Firefox connects to its server and installs small update of 1.9 MB if you are using Firefox 3.08.

4.If you are using other version of Firefox 3.0 it may take more time depending on the updates required..

You can download Firefox 3.09 Standalone installer ,so that don’t require internet connection to install Firefox 3.09 on computers not connected to internet and also will  save time, if you are using other versions of Firefox 3.0.

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