Twitter is one of the fastest Social Micro Blogging service that gone popular around the world in less span of time.If you don’t know what is Twitter ? you can send tweets to your friends and relatives what you are doing  .

I am a not active that much in twitter ,but I have a few  followers .Yesterday I observed one 18 year old girl following me and I checked her Twitter profile of 3 updates and have 320 followers .

The 3 updates that she got links to malicious site which when you click ,girl seeking man click register to see my full profile,I suspect that is a malicious site.Today I observed when she had not followed by me, she stopped following me:).

Today I checked her Twitter Account and Twitter suspended her account.Are we protected in Twitter is a million dollars question I can ask?Can twitter knows the links from twitter users go to trusty sites or malicious sites.though you can not follow every one.what happen if you follow a guy who pretending to be a good guy and tweets links to malicious sites and when you access them its chaos to users.

Consider following me on Twitter:

.What do you think are we safe in twitter?share with us in comments

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