MJM Free Photo Recovery software

You have taken lot of photos with your Camera and the Memory card in Camera is infected with virus and all photos are deleted due to that or you formatted memory card unknowingly and now worrying how can I recover deleted photos from my Memory card.

Don’t worry you can recover all deleted photos with free MJM Free Photo Recovery Software.

Features of MJM Free Photo Recovery Software:

1.Detects the Card Reader attached to your Computer automatically.

2.Simple user Interface,easy to understand and use for the user convenience.

3.It will automatically searches or clicking Search will scan memory card for Photos and shows all in thumbnail view .

Photo recovery

4.You can save all photos to your hard drive by clicking Save all.

5.It’s a freeware too.

Download MJM Free Photo Recovery Software

Summary :This Free photo recovery software almost do the work of paid or commercial version of recovery softwares.It recovers almost all photos deleted from the Memory cards.

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