Having downloaded myself the Vodafone TV ads ,I wanted to join all those videos into single video file.With Easy Video Joiner we can join multiple AVi,MPEG(MPG),Real Media or WMV/ASF Windows Media into one single large Video file.

Key Features of Easy Video Joiner

1.Joins AVI files.

2.Joins MPG files.

3.Joins Real Media files.

4.It can also joins various audio file formats like MP3,RM,WAV,WMA and MPGA.

5.Its a Freeware too,no need to purchase any other versions to join video files.

6.You can add any number video files to list,you can rearrange these videos in order  the way you want to see your video.

How to add Multiple Video files into Single Video file with Easy Video Joiner

1.Download Easy Video Joiner ,and install it.

2.Open the Easy Video Joiner click Add and locate the video file select  the file and click open ,now the video file is added, like this we can add any number of video files by clicking Add.

3.Once you have added all the video files click Join, it shows the location where to save it click save to save it.

4.You will get all files joined successfully message.

Easy Video Joiner

5.Open the joined video file in your video player and and enjoy.

Registering Easy Video Joiner

Though the program is freeware you need to register it to use.

Eayvideo Joiner _key

Email:your email id

Key code:CBC3-2A7A-1287-8B2A-EA1A-EEB6-5010-8840

Just click Register on Easy Video Joiner and enter the username ,Key code as shown above(or copy the username and key code as shown ) also enter your email id and click Order Now .

Registering_Easy _Video Joiner

That’s it from now onwards you can use Easy Video joiner freely.

Download Easy Video Joiner

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