When you try to open a video file in VLC media player, you may get an error message saying that “VLC media player has encountered a problem and needs to close .We are sorry for the inconvenience “ and the VLC player closes. Uninstalling and re-installing the player doesn’t helps and this error persists.

vlc media player_encountered _a problem

How to Set VLC Player in Windows 8 As Default Player

Why am I getting this error when I try to open video file with VLC player?

It  is behaving like this because the configuration file of it got corrupted.

What’s the Fix?

Cleaning the cache and configuration file of VLC media player does fix this problem as the new configuration file will be created when you next play the player.

Where configuration file and cache of VLC player located?

For Windows 2000/XP, they are located here in

C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\vlc.

Update: For Windows 7 and Windows 8, they can be found here: ‘C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\vlc

1. Just go to the above path and delete vlcrc file.

configuration file_VLC player

2 .Open cache folder and delete all the files.

3. Now open VLC player and play a video file, it will play normally.

Have you faced this problem with VLC player? How you’ve  solved it then? Share with us in the comments.