There are lot of ways to promote a product in that case Google is a master,it is Google’s strategy to  promote their products through Google search engine since it’s the number one search engine ever,no one will argue that.

As I had already written how Google promoting Google chrome,it is ok when it is promoting other services like Gmail and others by showing them on their home page but this is different ,because considering the browser wars going between Internet Explorer ,Firefox and Google Chrome .This is definite plan to increase their market share in Google Chrome.

Google Chrome in Google Home page in Internet Explorer

Chrome’s market share is only 1.23% ,market shares of Internet Explorer is 66.82% and that of Firefox is 22%.Google chosen largest market share holder in Browsers is Internet Explorer and is showing of Google Chrome in their home page.

Total Market share of Browsers

But I really love to see these things from Google as it is the biggest internet giant ,interests lot of people what Google does.

What do you think of this move from Google?share with us in comments

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