When you uninstall some programs or your self forgot to delete empty folder after deleting contents in that folder like these ways there are chances of lot of empty folders in your computer.We can scan ,find and delete empty folders with Fast Empty Folder Finder.

Advantages of using Fast Empty Folder Finder

  • You can easily identify empty folders stored in your computer
  • you can organize your computer in a neatly manner without empty folders.
  • It’s a freeware

To find and delete empty folders in your computer with Fast Empty Folder Finder

1.Download the Fast Empty folder finder and save to your computer

2.Install and run the program.

3.select  a folder which you want to search for empty folders from Fast empty Folder finder by clicking Browse for a folder.

Fast Empty Folder Finder

4.Click Search Now .

5.Fast Empty Folder finder  scan that folder and sub folders of it for empty folders and shows the empty folders .

6.Select them and delete by clicking Delete Checked Folders.

Download Fast Empty Folder Finder

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