Vodafone TV ads are very funny, it will be nice if we can download these videos and  burn them into a CD or  DVD to watch them on DVD Player. You can watch all these Vodafone ads on YouTube, but thinking how to download these videos from YouTube?.

Update: Vodafone TV Ads download page

Don’t worry, you can now download all these videos without any problems from Vodafone Website. Since all these videos are in MPG formats, which can even be played by Windows Media player on your computer.

1.Vodafone Maps Video Ad

vodafone _maps

2.Vodafone Call Filter Video Ad

Vodafone _Call Filter

3.Vodafone Games Video Ad

vodafone _live game

4.Vodafone Chhota Credit Video Ad

Vodafone _Chota Credit

5.Vodafone Music Greetings Video Ad

Vodafone_Musical _greetings

6.Vodafone Beauty Alerts Ad


7.Vodafone Cricket Alerts Ad

vodafone _cricket alerts

8.Vodafone Star of the Match ad

Vodafone_star of the Match

9.Vodafone Phone Backup Ad


Update: Those are some videos,you can download the remaining videos that are telecasted on TV during IPL2 of 2009 from here.

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