Since Conficker aka Downadup has been major news in Internet ,which gets instructions from its boss on April 1st and do further damage ,so far not yet ,its not yet activated .Here are the removal tools for Conficker worm developed by Security vendors download them and check Your System has infected with Conficker Worm .

How to know your system is infected with Conficker Worm?

If you are not able to open Microsoft ,Symantec and Trend micro websites your system definitely infected with the Conficker worm.

Just check how to prevent and remove conficker worm from your computer if  your computer is infected with it and things to do to not get infected.

Removal tools for Conficker Worm :

1.MSRT:Conficker Removal tool from Microsoft

2.Conficker Removal tool from F-secure

3.Conficker  Removal tool from Symantec

4.Conficker  Removal tool from Mc-Afee:Stinger

5.Conficker  Removal tool from Eset

6.Conficker Removal tool from Bit Defender

7.Conficker Worm Removal tool from Kaspersky

8.Conficker Removal tools from Trend Micro

9.Confciker Removal tool from  Sophos(registration is required)

10.Confciker Removal tool from AhnLAb

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