There will be problems you can face to uninstall Anti-virus or some security programs, as some registry entries and files remain in your computer preventing uninstall of antivirus programs such as AVG completely from your computer. We can remove AVG Anti–Virus completely with AVG Remover.

AVG Anti-Virus Free edition is a popular Free anti-virus with anti-spyware

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If you have problems uninstalling AVG, you can download AVG Remover removal tool and remove the entries related to AVG completely from your Computer.

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Reasons why AVG will not uninstall from your Computer

1. Some files of AVG may corrupted due to virus.

2. Though you uninstalled AVG, it is not completely removed from your computer as registry entries and files of AVG still remain in your computer.

How to run AVG Remover Tool

1 .Download AVG removal Tool for 32bit or Download AVG Removal tool for 64-bit depends on version of Windows you are using.

2. Save to your computer.

3.  Run it and follow the instructions.

Update: AVG Removal tool has been updated. AVG removal tool removes AVG 2011, AVG 9.0, AVG 8.5 and prior versions.

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