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Whenever your computer gets infected with a Virus, Registry Editor is the one which is going to be disabled. I already posted an article on how to access to disabled registry editor, but I am not satisfied as if the threat level of Virus is high, these two methods will not suffice to fix access to the registry editor problem.

So here, I am providing all possible ways for you to get access to registry editor including two methods mentioned in that post.

1. Access Registry editor with Symantec’s Tool: When your computer is infected with virus, these viruses make changes in shell/command/open keys in the registry such a way that whenever you try to open the registry editor, these viruses will run. Hence, they prevent access to the registry by showing “registry editor has been disabled by  your administrator”.

Fix: download UnHookexec.inf developed by Symantec and install.

2. Access Registry Editor with VB script file: Download VB script file from (update: Seems the author has removed the file) the doug Knox Website, (who is Microsoft’s MVP) and run it. If you get any warning, click ‘OK’ to continue. After VB Script file enables registry editor, restart your computer and access the registry.

3. Access Registry With Registry Fix Tool: Download Registry Fix  Tool, run it, click Fix Registry to get access to registry.


4. Access Registry with RRTDownload RRT and run it, select RRT personal edition and fix registry editor problem.

5. Access Registry with Disk heal:Download Disk Heal and in Fix tab click ‘ Fix’ opposite to Registry Editor Inaccessibility .

6 .Access Registry with Group Policy Editor:

Start>Run>type gpedit.msc

Select User Configuration>Administrative Templates>System

In the right pane, select ‘Prevent access to registry editing Tools’, and set it to ‘Not configured’ or ‘Disabled’.

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7. Access registry with renaming regedit file: Since Virus are not human beings, they predict that registry editor file is regedit.exe, so renaming  regedit.exe to edit_reg.exe and see you can access the registry, this may not work, but worth a try :).

So any other ways If I found to access the registry, I will update this post for sure.

What I can do?

What you can do is bookmark this post and also download tools I mentioned to a USB drive, which will be helpful if you encounter problems in accessing the registry. I listed all the possible ways, you can access the registry when gets disabled by a virus or by the administrator in your office, any one method I mentioned will solve your problem.

Have you faced problem in accessing registry? How you solved it? Share with us in the comments.