I am happy to tell you that Technically Inspired got PR 4 as Google Updated Page Ranks yesterday.PageRank of webpage tells the importance of that webpage in view of Google which is (4 out of 10) for my blog .So wondering how to check page rank of any webpage here are the details.

1.Google Toolbar will show the pagerank of any webpage ,by default  pagerank button not enabled in Google Toolbar ,you have to enable it.

2.Website grader ,a SEO tool which not only tells Page rank of website but also other details like inbound links to the site,Alexa traffic rank,reader understandability level of webpage and many other SEO features.

3.Pagerank checker an online tool that  tells the Page rank of webpage.

4.iwebtool checks pageranks of webpage from more than 30 Google servers and shows page ranks info ,these page ranks may vary.

5.DigPagerank also retrieves pageranks of WebPages from over 700 data centers.

6.Pagerankbar also shows pagerank of webpage.

7.BLogFlux also calculates the pagerank of any webpage .

There are many online tools to calculate Pagerank of webpage ,here I provided 7 .

What ‘s your blog’s  PageRank?share with us in comments

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