We know how useful a shortcut for a program is  as we can access that program quickly from the desktop.Similarly we can also access a website by creating shortcut to that website .

If you want useful desktop shortcuts read useful shortcuts you must have

2 Ways to create shortcuts to websites:

Create a shortcut  to a website using any browser:

1.Just open any browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer .

2.Type the URL of website like and press enter .

3.Resize the browser Window and just drag the favicon of website to the desktop.

creating shortcuts to websites  in any browser

4.That’s it ,shortcut for a website is created,like this you can create any number of shortcuts to different websites.

Create shortcut to a website using Google Chrome:

If you don’t have Google Chrome installed in your Computer ,use the procedure mentioned above to create shortcut to website.

1.Open Google Chrome and type URL of any website.

2.Just click the drop down menu behind Wrench icon.

3.Click Create Application Shortcuts.

Creating shortcut to website using Google Chrome

4.Google Gears from chrome asks you to create shortcuts in the following locations which includes start menu and Quick launch bar along with Desktop.

5.If you want shortcut only on desktop or if you also want the shortcut to be added to start menu and Quick launch bar you can select them as shown in the screen shot above and click ok.

6.Finally shortcut to website is created,you can create lot of shortcuts to website like these with Google Chrome.

Image credit :Wagman_30

There are any other ways to create shortcuts to websites?share with us in comments

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