Technically Inspired

I have to change my Blog name from Sai computers to Technically Inspired ,despite the fact that blog is concentrating articles related to technology ,I finally decided change my  Blog name to Technically Inspired.

Bookmark our Blog

Those who are Google for our blog using name  Sai Computers who forgot to bookmark our blog ,now please consider bookmarking us,though if you Google for technically Inspired you can find my blog URL.

Those who linked to our blog

Those who linked to our blog with name sai computers ,you can now change it to Technically Inspired,Blog URL not changed only Blog name is changed.

Twitter User name Changed

Twitter username is changed from sai computers to techvenkat,all twitter followers please take a note of that.

You can follow us on twitter.

Remaining are all same .

What do you think of new Blog name? ,is it suited to our blog? share with us in comments