Got a file from your friend through email ,don’t know which type of file it is? which  program will open that fie?don’t worry Openwith .org Desktop Tool just tells what type of file it is and not only that it downloads a free program automatically to open it.

This situation can happen to anyone how to open unknown file which is in our computer,we ended up searching the web and finds a commercial software program that can open that file ,this is where Openwith .org Desktop tool helps you automatically downloads the free program for that file.

How to open unknown files with Open with .org Desktop tool:

1.First Download Desktop Tool which requires Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 Service Pack 1 to be installed in your computer .

2.Select the unknown file,right click on it and click “ –How do I Open this”

open unknown files with desktop tool

3. Openwith .org tool will shows the free program to open it and click Download as tool downloads that program automatically ,after downloading you can install that program and open that file.

4.If that program is already installed in your computer it shows that program is already installed.

Opening files with openwith .org desktop tool has constantly growing and updated database of unknown files and free programs to open them,since they constantly update their database, this tool will be vey useful to open unknown files as it’s also a freeware.

Download Desktop tool

How do you open unknown files?share with us in comments

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