KHATARNAK_exe virus warning

Another dangerous virus which seems to spreading through USB Devices is KHATARNAK.exe virus ,making it difficult to remove this virus manually.When your computer infected with KHATARNAK.exe virus,access to task manager and Registry editor gets disabled.

How KHATARNAK.exe virus spreads?

This virus is very dangerous spreading through Auto run of USB drives ,if you try to copy or move some files from USB drive to your computer,you are invited chaos.

How do  I Know my Computer is Infected with TARNAK.exe Virus?

If your computer is infected with KHATARNAK.exe virus

1.Task manager and registry editor gets disabled .

2.Folder options will missed from Tools menu .

3.You will not able to restore your system to previous state using System restore due to the KHATARNAK.exe virus

4.You will be not able to  boot into safe mode.

5.In every drive of your computer  songs,New Folder,New Folder(2),Secrets,files,Songs,softwares adventures ,games folders  will appear in .If you remove them they keep coming again.

6.If you run Process Explorer you could observe KHATARNAK,exe processes running in the background.

7.KHATARNKAK. resides in Windows and System32  folder in Windows Directory.

8.When you try to search for registry editing has been disabled in Google Search it will give Edit your registry  later you FooL warning .

edit regsitry later u fool

How to Prevent KAHATARNAK.exe from entering into my computer?

Since it spreads through USB Devices ,disable Autorun of USB Devices .

Make sure Anti virus you are using is up to date and scan USB  drives with Anti Virus when ever you plugged in.

How to Remove KHATARANK.exe Virus from USB drive?

surprisingly it’s not that much hard to remove KHATARNAK.exe Virus from USB drive ,you can remove this virus by quick Format from Windows Explorer it self.

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