My computer Icon corrupted

This can happen to anyone: One of your friends may have changed your computer Icon intentionally or the My computer icon corrupted due to a virus, these are little things that take a long time for you to fix.

Reasons for My computer Icon to get Corrupted or to show blank icon

1. This can happen due to virus.

2.  If you’ve played with icons on the Desktop, this can happen.

3. Your friend wants to scare you by changing the My Computer icon to blank one.

4. The My computer icon got corrupted.

DesktopSave: Save and Restore Desktop Icons Position, Gamma and Screen Resolution


1.Right click on the Desktop > select ‘Properties’

2. Desktop > Customize Desktop > General (In Windows 7, right click on the desktop and select ‘Personalize’, click on Select ‘Change desktop icons’ on the left)

3. When the ‘Desktop Icon Settings’ dialog window opens, select ‘My Computer’ icon and click Change icon, select original My Computer Icon, click ‘OK’ or you can click Restore Default to make all desktop icons restore original icons.

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