script error_firefoxUpdate: This is worth the try.

Install YesScript extension which lets you block JavaScript that is causing problem on specific websites.

Install the add-on, restart the browser, open its options and add the page/site on which warning is appearing to block that script.

Let me know this is working for you or not through comments.

Recently, while I was browsing certain websites and reading mails in Gmail, got unresponsive script warning in Firefox, it caused Firefox to hang and give that warning message.

Why this warning comes in Firefox ?

This warning comes due to several reasons as Firefox unable to handle java script on that website you are browsing, and may cause Firefox to hang that’s why Firefox asks to either to stop the script or continue the script on that page.

unresponsive script warning  in Firefox

But neither stopping the script, nor continuing the script does not yielded any favor, I got the same warning again while browsing those sites.

What could be the reasons that caused Firefox to give this warning ?

The reasons could be due to Add-ons installed in Firefox or the java script in webpage you are accessing or Firefox it self.

Since this Script warning comes to me when browsing Gmail and couple of websites, I suspected Firefox, since the Firefox version using is outdated and also Firefox stopped the support to Firefox 2.0 (Only one computer in network is using Firefox 2.0 and remaining are updated one’s).

What’s the Fix?

So I updated the Firefox 2.0 to latest version of Firefox that is Firefox 3.07, ,after that I have no warning problems in browsing Gmail and couple of Websites I mentioned above. This could be different in your case if you get this unresponsive script warning, but the ultimate fix to this I recommend is updating to latest version of Firefox which fixes these warnings and bugs.

Have you faced this script warning in Firefox? How you solved it? Share with us in the comments