Open with warning

The main problem any one going to face when computer is infected by a virus is unable to open drives with double click, when you double click one of your hard drives or USB drive, you will get “open with “ message to select program to open the file.

The drive may open by right clicking and selecting open, but the drive will not open when you double click it, which gives “open with” warning.

Why am I getting this open with message ?

You are getting this message because antivirus in your computer has deleted the virus, but the autorun entry for that virus had been left behind, which is giving the open with message.

How do I fix this Open with error?

Though we can manually solve this, I suggest you to consider automatic fix with a Tool called Disk Heal, this tool will help many ways to solve the problems that arises due to viruses.

1.Download the Disk heal and run it.

2. Select the ‘Fix’ tab in Disk Heal and Enter the drive letter which you are facing difficulties to open, and click ‘Fix’.

How to fix unable to open C drive from My computer

3. Restart your computer after Disk Heal asks you to do so.

That’s it! After restart, you can open hard drives or USB drive normally. You have to repeat this procedure for every drive as problem you face.

Download Disk Heal

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