How to Fix this copy of Windows is not Genuine

On one day a window will appear in Windows XP and shows a notification saying “ you may be a victim of software Counterfeiting  This copy of Windows not passed the Genuine Validation”. It will be irritating to users to see this type of warning, a lot of users is familiar with this.

Why this Warning showing in my Computer ?

Well, you are using a Pirated version of Windows XP and you updated the Windows through an Internet connection as Windows run  the Windows Validation process to download their updates to your computer and your Windows has not passed the windows Validation test, hence you are seeing this warning on your computer.

you may be a victim of software counterfeiting

I have not  tried to update my Windows, how it will Auto update?

You need not to do update  Windows manually, by default, When windows installed in your computer automatic updates are turned on in the security center.

this copy of windows not passed the Genuine Windows validation

So What I have to do now to get this warning Out?

So if you’ve plans to buy Windows in future, for temporarily use the fix by downloading WGA removal tool and run it, you won’t get this type of warning again, mind you this won’t make your windows Genuine, it prevents this warning from appearing  on your computer.

Well, I am planning to Buy Windows, till then how can I not update my computer from not getting this warning ?

When you install Windows next time, turn off automatic updates so that Windows does not connect to internet and update and run windows Validation, which results in getting the warning showed above.

A disclaimer:We are not encouraging users to use Pirated versions of Windows ,we are here describing consequences users going to face while using Pirated version of Windows. WGA removal tool is not hosted on this blog, we are not responsible for damage you acquire through them, try it at your own risk.