When you are browsing the Web or doing some work in your Computer, all of a sudden your computer restarts, and the next time when you turn on your PC you will get “The system has recovered from a serious error” warning on startup.

The error also shows some dump files details when you click ‘click here’ message. Windows error reporting tool may prompt you to send this report to Microsoft if error reporting was not disabled in your Computer.

the system has recovered from a serious error

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Why this error is showing in my Computer?

Whenever your computer stops responding, small memory dump files are created, containing details about the error in a folder in Windows Directory called Minidump. These will be useful to analyze the problem.

So whenever your computer was stopped, after it’s restart, there is a flag set for Page file that will indicate that Memory dump file should be written.

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How to Fix this error?

This problem can resolved by re-creating a new page file.

1. Log into your Computer with administrative privileges and right click on My Computer >Properties

2. Select Advanced > under Performance>click Settings and again select Advanced in the Performance options

3. (Before modifying the Virtual memory, note down the Paging file size value of custom size you set) then click ‘Change’ in the virtual Memory.

4. Select No Page file, click Set, click OK and restart your computer. Choose to continue to proceed to restart when you get any warning.

no paging file

5. Now after restart, you can see the paging file size as “0” in Virtual Memory options.

paging file size zero

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6. Now open My computer >Tools>Folder Options>View>uncheck  Hide protected Operating System files.

7. Open Root drive that is C, and you will find Pagefile.sys file, delete it permanently and restart your system.

8. Now Under Virtual Memory, set paging file size to ‘Custom’ or ‘System Managed Size’.

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