While running CCleaner you can get an RUNDLL-Error in InetCpl.cpl”error message, this InetCpl.cpl error message can occur due to Inetcpl.cpl file got corrupted.

The Complete error is given below

RUNDLL– Error in InetCpl.cpl  Missing Entry :ClearMyTracksBY Process

Why this InetCPl.cpl error occurs ?

This error can occur due to Inetcpl.cpl file got corrupted.

Fix ?

Since Inetcpl.cpl file got corrupted and this file belongs to Internet Explorer,Uninstall and reinstall Internet Explorer, that will fix the problem. And you won’t get any error while running CCleaner again.

An exception Occured While trying to run”shell32,dll Control_ RunDll Hotplug.dll”

If you got any error like Inetcpl.cpl from accessing Internet Explorer, just reinstall the Internet Explorer that will resolve the issue.

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