When you start your computer you observe that Quick Launch bar missing in the taskbar,What you do is right click on the taskbar select quick Launch bar and access all your favorite programs quickly from it.

If you observe that quick launch bar does not appears in the taskbar when ever you start your Computer,do you have to do  the same thing every time to access Quick launch bar ,is there a Fix for this?

Where is actually Quick launch bar located ?

Quick Launch bar is located in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch.

What’s need of Quick Launch bar?

Whenever we installed a program a shortcut to that program is added to Quick Launch bar ,so that we can access those programs quickly from the Quick launch bar .

Have you find the Quick launch bar in above said path ,still Quick launch bar disappears during startup.Follow the below Fix.

What’s the Fix?

1.Start>Run >CMD>and  type cd\

2.Type sfc /scannow  and press Enter

3.Enter  your Windows XP CD service Pack2 CD so that Windows verifies all files are with original versions if any files changed windows replaces them with their original version.


4.That’s it your Quick launch bar appears in taskbar and not disappear again during startup of your computer.

If you not find the Quick launch  in the above said path?

Create a folder with name Quick launch and drag shortcuts of your desired programs to appear on the Quick Launch bar to the Quick Launch folder and close that folder .

Now right click on the taskbar >toolbars>check Quick Launch bar voila ! there appears your quick launch bar .

If you observe Quick launch bar missing during startup follow the above fix.

Is your Quick launch bar working fine without any problems?share with us in comments

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