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When you trying to search for a query in Google search or try open websites related to Google or any other websites you can get Google Error we’re sorry message with CAPTCHA or without CAPTCHA.

If you get the error with CAPTCHA while trying Google, you can answer  this by entering words in CAPTCHA, thus by Google confirms that the Computer is being used by human, then you can get access to the search page.

The Error can look like this

Google Error we're sorry

Why am I getting this warning ?

Google detected that the query you are entering in search engine seems to be automated  from virus and spyware, what you have to do is enter the word in CAPTCHA, so that Google believes that you are human, thus you can access the page without any problems.

Sometimes, when you try to access some websites from Google like  Blogger ,and Gmail, you can get we’re sorry Google Error, this error can be  without CAPTCHA, so that you can not access that website for 30 minutes or above, this can be temporary , you can access that site after half -hour as happened to me.

Fix: Gmail in Firefox Shows Error ‘Oops! your browser seems to have cookies disabled.’

What I have to do ?

What you have to do is make sure the website is not accessed by you only or others too. If you confirmed you are the one unable to access that website, then follow the below steps.

1.Delete the Google cookies from the browser you trying to open.

2. Scan your system with Anti-virus and anti-spyware programs like ad-aware ,Spybot search and destroy and Malwarebyte’s Anti-malware to make sure your system is not infected with  viruses and spyware and try to delete them if found with those free security programs

3. Now try to open those websites or search for a query, and if you’re still getting the same error, then go to step 4.

4. Contact your ISP about the problem, ask them the security measures they are taking to prevent these errors and errors you’re getting, also just enquire in city you are residing are there any other computer users of different internet connections also suffering with these errors and cant access websites. If you got no positive response from your ISP, go to step 5.

5. If the entire network is getting these warnings, then contact Google  and submit your details like your name, email address, country and how many users in your network affected and when these block of websites began, Google will review all these and may lift the ban on your IP address to prevent getting those warnings again, having said that it’s up to Google to lift the ban on your IP addresses as long as you don’t violate their terms of service.

Have you experienced these errors? How you’ve solved it? Share with us in the comments.

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