When you try to unplug your USB drive, you may have a chance of getting “The device ‘Generic volume’ cannot be stopped right now. Try  stopping the device again later” warning. This warning can be irritating.

Why am I getting this warning or error?

You are getting this error because the programs you open from your USB drive are still running in the background or Antivirus in your computer is still monitoring your USB drive.

generic volume cannot be stopped right now

What I have to do now to avoid this warning?

1. Try to close all the programs you open from your USB drive and then try stopping your USB drive.

2. The best way to fix this warning is to use Unlocker .

Right click on USB drive in My Computer and select Unlocker, Unlokcer shows you which files or programs are still using the memory, kill those processes and unplug your USB drive.

using unlcoker to unplugg USB drive

3. Another fix to this is, shut down your Computer and remove your USB drive.

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