Highest page viewed post

Any blog or website owner knows highest page views that an article got through Google Analytics ,if you are thinking how I can know my friend’s or other famous blog’s highest page viewed post we can find it very easily.

The trick is simple just enter that blog’s name in Google search and press enter after the blog’s description first entry ,that blog’s highest page viewed entry listed .

So for example consider my blog as article on removing BV:Autorun-G[wrm] from USB drive got highest page views which showed in my Google Analytics Account.

Bv_Autorun _Gwrm got highest page views showing in Google Analytics

Try let us check this with Google

1.Open Google Search page and type ” saicomputers “ without quotes and press enter.

2.You can observe article on BV:Autorun-G[Wrm] has listed after blog’s description entry which has got highest page views according to Google analytics.

Highest pageviewed post of blog accroding to Google

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