Gmail _in _indian languages

I am happy to say that Gmail now supports 5 Indian languages Telugu,Hindi,Tamil,Kannada  and Malayalam .From Now on you can type and send emails to your friends in the languages mentioned above.

While composing your message you can observe an icon with Indian Character from which you can select your local language and start typing , while you typing in English ,Gmail automatically converts them  into your chosen language. For example if you type hello in English it will translate that to  హలో  in Telugu .Remember to click the Indian character before typing in English.

indian icon 

If you are an Indian then this feature is defaultly  enabled to you ,if it  is not enabled you can enable it  by 

1.Settings>General>Enable Transliteration  and save changes .now you can observe icon of Indian character while composing Gmail.


So Google bought their language transliteration feature to Gmail which already available in Google India Labs ,Blogger,Orkut  and IGoogle.

What’s late start typing in your local language and send emails to your friends and relatives.

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