I myself using Firefox since long time for now and recently Firefox giving me lot of problems eating system resources and gets crashed quite often .I really felt irritated ,though I am using updated version of Firefox 3.07.

Though there are lot of reasons to Firefox get crashed as I have only 3 add-ons installed including Google Toolbar ,I don’t think any Firefox add-on is causing this problem.

Whenever Firefox gets crashed Getting Mozilla Crash reporter message” we are sorry Firefox had problem and crashed we will restore all your tabs when it restarts,asking to to send them report about this”,I am seeing this Mozilla Crash Reporter message quite regularly these times.

Mozilla Crash reporter

I observed that Firefox just hanging and eating system resources as I observed in Task Manager Firefox consuming 97% memory.

I thought updating to latest Version of Firefox 3.07 can fix lot of bugs as Firefox it self mentioned they fixed several security issues  and bugs,which is not the case for me.Still Firefox behaving like that .

II am using AVG Free antivirus and have no symptoms of Viruses or spywares as I scanned with Malware byte’s Anti malware.I am using Adobe’s latest flash player plug-in,wondering what’s the problem could be as I am totally helpless.

Are you facing these kind of problems with Firefox? share with me in Comments.

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