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Today March 28th 2009, on Saturday at 8.30 PM  is Earth hour where millions of people will turn off their lights for one hour to save climate from Global Warming . Earth hour invites all the people in 83 Countries which have 2800 Cities to caste their vote by turning off lights for one hour.

Caste your vote at Earth Hour by  turn off lights for one hour today from 8.30 pm to 9.30pm on any region,as your switch is your vote and share it with World.

Spread about Earth Hour

Just turning off lights for your own house that not enough just spread the Earth Hour through communities .

1.If you have a Flickr account take a photo on the night without lights and upload to

Flickr,add it  to Earth hour’s Flickr  groups and tag it with your city and location .

2.Take a video on tonight and upload to Earth hour’s YouTube group.

3.Blog this with your location and city.

4.You can update on  the night at Twitter through by writing #Earth hour or #Vote earth and your #location (follow us on Twitter).

Earth Hour Logo credit :Earth hour

So are you turning lights off today for one hour to promote this Global Cause to save energy ?share with us in comments