foxit ,yahoo toolbars installed  in Firefox with Foxit Reader and ccleaner

All  may know these days Freewares are bundled with Toolbars which causing problems to  users and are very difficult to uninstall ,popular freewares like Ccleaner and Foxit Reader are bundled with Toolbars those are integrated into Firefox browser.

Today I wanted to install updated Ccleaner which frees system resources by removing temporary files and Browser cache .If you are a user who install a program blindly by clicking  next, next see what happens.

Yahoo Toolbar installed in Firefox with Ccelaner

Yahoo Toolbar installed with Ccelaner

As I already using Google Toolbar for Firefox ,does I really need this nasty browser toolbars stuff.

Uninstalling Yahoo Toolbar from Firefox .

Since this Yahoo Toolbar is installed as add-on in Firefox ,to uninstall this

1.Open Firefox browser

2.Tools>add-ons>select Yahoo Toolbar and click uninstall.

3.restart Firefox to uninstall Yahoo toolbar.

How can this can be avoided to not to  happen again

If you are installing Freewares or any software please observe are there any toolbars bundled with them ,This can be avoided if you had clearly observed Ccleaner while installing .You can uncheck yahoo toolbar option and hence avoiding crappy yahoo toolbar in your Firefox browser.

deselect Yahoo toolbar while installing ccelaner

As Adobe Reader has more vulnerabilities and more resource hog ,today I downloaded Foxit Reader from their website and  you may choose default setting install or custom install while installing Foxit Reader doesn’t matter Foxit toolbar installs anyway with Foxit Reader.

Foxit reader forcing user to install Foxit toolbar

Foxit toolabr bundled with Foxit reader

Here ccleaner is quite better though it bundles with Yahoo toolbar ,we can select or uncheck  install of yahoo toolbar, what Foxit reader does it forces user to install Foxit toolbar  along with Foxit reader.Also asks to make as as default search engine though you can uncheck this ,you can’t avoid installing Foxit toolbar.If you disagree Foxit reader won’t install in your computer.

Foxit toolbar installed in Firefox

Uninstalling Foxit Toolbar from Firefox:

1.Open Firefox browser .

2.Select Tools>add-ons>select Foxit reader Toolbar>click uninstall to remove Foxit toolbar from  Firefox.

What’s your opinion freewares bundled with Toolbars? are freewares are adwares? share your opinion with comments

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