So whenever your system infected  with virus, Folder options is the one to get disabled.To troubleshoot the problem to find viruses and also to access our hidden files  we must have access to folder options.

So let’s look at the possible ways we can access hidden files and folders When Folder options gets disabled.

1.Enable folder options in Windows Explorer:we can access hidden files and hidden folder and we can make folder options enable by using through registry.for  how to do it see here

2.Fix folder options missing through Disk heal:.We can fix lot of problems including access to folders options with  free utility called disk heal .

3.Access Hidden files and folders through ishow:There is routine way of accessing hidden files through Windows Explorer>Tools>Folder options>show hidden files and folders ,but this free tool ishow does show hidden files and system files with single click this is really automated ,I like this tool will help a lot.

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