shared folder

In Microsoft’s Windows XP Professional, we can share files and folders, so that users logged on other computer can access these Shared folders, but this might leads to security threat as Remote users connect to your computer and run some malicious code.

Why Open shares always a problem?

1.As I already said that Downadup\conficker worm sends infected packets remotely through file-sharing loop hole in unpatched systems.

2.There is case of unauthorized access to your files and folders through remote users across the network. Which may cause your valuable data ending up in hands of other persons which may not be safe for you.

What’s the solution to this?

The solution is to find the shard files and folders in computer and remove sharing to these folders. There are two ways we can find the shared files and folders in your computer.

1.We can find it through net share command in command prompt.

2. We can find shared folder through Microsoft Management Console

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