There is a lot of buzz about Windows 7,all are telling it is much better than Windows Vista in performance,anyway if you want give Windows XP PC with look of Windows 7 you can do it  with Seven Remix XP 1.0.

Features of Seven Remix XP 1.0

1.Installation is easy ,single reboot  is required to apply Seven Remix XP GUI to appear on your Windows XP PC

2.Icons,images,system files are replaced with look of Windows 7.

3.No problems in and after  installing Seven Remix XP.

4.The logon of Windows XP with this theme looks pretty.

windows 7 Apperance for Windows XP

5.This theme also looks like Vista .

6.It’s a  freeware.

Download Seven Remix XP 1.0

Have you transformed your Windows XP to Windows 7  with this theme? share with us in comments

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