No need to introduce Kaspersky, major security vendor its website kaspersky lab had been hacked by hackers through SQL injection .This is really sad if  kasperksy can’t protects its website from hackers how it going provide security services to their customers using their products all over the world.

I just came to read this news on Computer World that Kasperksy lab has been hacked

website hacked

Image credit :Macbros

The hackers.are from Romania they released blog post in their blog(the blog seemed to be not working now) claiming that hey made SQL injection attack on Kaspersky’ U.S support Site.They accessed customer email addresses and software activation codes.

Kaspersky’s Senior Antivirus researcher Roel Schouwenberg  agreed that their site is hacked  and hackers are not advanced hackers they accessed the database’ s  labels of  tables and not the data.

If Kasperksy can’t protect their websites how they can support millions of users using their antivirus and Internet security suits.

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