Firefox searchbar with google's new favicon

Since Google changed their favicon ,but Firefox search bar still displays Google’s old favicon .If you want to update your Google’s favicon in Firefox  search bar with new favicon,we can do it very easily.

Before updating Google’s favicon , we have to backup old Google search Plug-in from Firefox directory, this will help  in case you wish you wish to change to Google’s old favicon .

To backup Google search plug-in ,just go to C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins  and copy XML file of Google to other folder.

1.Now download updated version of Google’s search plug-in from here.

2.Since the file opens in the browser, from file menu save file as google.

3.Now copy this fie and paste in search plug-ins folder in Firefox directory “ C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins “ ,if windows asks would you like to replace existing file say “yes” and updated Google’search plug-in will be copied .

confirm file replace of old google

4.Restart Firefox ,you will observe Google’s new favicon in Firefox search bar.

If you don’t liked the new favicon ,place back Google’s  old search plug-in we copied from search plug-ins directory.

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