Uninstall Programs using the Registry

There will be always problems faced by the users when uninstalling certain programs,though there are uninstall tools available.If a program is missed in add\remove programs list ,we can use that programs’ registry entry to uninstall that program easily.

For every program installed in  your computer  there will be uninstall entry in registry.These uninstall entries for all programs are grouped under uninstall entry in the registry .so it is easy for us to choose particular program which is causing trouble and hence uninstalling it.

1.Open registry editor by typing regedit in Run box and press enter.

2.Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\currentversion\Uninstall

 Uninstall Programs using the Registry

select the program which you want to Uninstall in the left pane,in the right pane select that program’s uninstallstring and double click it copy the string in the value data,paste it in the Run command and press enter to initialize uninstall of program.

 Uninstall Programs using the Registry

This process will be very useful in problems related to uninstalling a program.

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