Favicon pendrive

Want to see your favorite picture as drive icon for USB drives whenever you insert a USB drive? We can do that, all we need is auto run file and icon file of the picture you want to make it as a drive icon for the USB drive.

1.First open Notepad and type


Label=your USB drive name


and save it as autorun.inf.

autorun file

2. Now select your favorite picture, we have to convert it into Icon, for that we are  going to use Bradicon site, which converts images to icons online freely.

download icon from Bradicon

Visit Bradicon, and upload your favorite picture, once upload completes, download it as icon and rename it as pic..(we already gave icon name as pic  in autorun file)

3. Coming to the first step, Label is your USB drive’s name appears on windows Explorer when you inserted, you can see my USB drives name as VENKAT.

4. Copy autorun.inf and pic icon file to USB drive and paste them, unplug your USB drive and re-insert to see your favorite picture set as USB drive icon.

autrun,pic icon in usb drive

Summary :To make our favorite picture as icon, we used Bradicon and to autorun picture whenever we plugged USB drive , we created an autorun file.

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Do you like to set your favorite picture as icon for USB drive? Share with us in comments