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Microsoft released Internet Explorer 8 Release Candidate which is almost behaves as final IE8 ,IE8 RC is available to download for 25 languages in Windows Vista ,Windows XP and Windows Server.This IE8 RC will not compatible to Windows7 beta and will not work in it.

As I installed IE8 RC  in windows XP Sp2 ,I observed the changes which in brief .

1.IE8 RC  rendering pages very fast

2. IE8 RC  had no  issues with Google Toolbar that installed with IE7 .

3.Google Toolbar is nicely added under File menu .

4.Caret Browsing is introduced as in Firefox .

6.Feed discovery is added to finds the Feeds of websites you open in IE8.

7.We can reopen last browsing session in IE8 RC,which can also be erased with deleting browsing history.

8.You don’t need to uninstall IE8 beta to install IE8 RC as it automatically uninstalls beta versions of IE8 and installs IE8 RC without any problems,

9. Interface of IE 8 RC is almost same as IE7,but improved with many features for performance and security.

10.Users who installed IE8 beta prior to installing XP SP3 should uninstall IE8 beta and then have to install IE8 RC.

11.Support to add notes to Evernote  within from the web pages in IE8 RC is added.

Download Internet Explorer Release Candidate

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