Website's thumbnail image  in Alexa

Have you redesigned your website and your website’s thumbnail image in Alexa is showing old design .It is always good to update our  website’s info in Alexa which shows our website’s traffic ranks. Don’t worry ,we can update website’s Thumbnail image in Alexa.

1.Just open Alexa website in your web browser.

2.Open Webmaster’s Corner  page ,in the “Edit your site Data” select self-service tools see the third line that Highlight’s Update the thumbnail image for my site  ,in the My Website enter your website’s URL click Continue you will get the message from Alexa that your site is queued for thumbnail update.

Site Thumnail Update

3.Alexa Will update your website’s Thumbnail image , it may take time one or two days

Have you updated your website’s thumbnail image in Alexa?Share with us in comments.

Update 1:If you have done all the stuff I mentioned above ,and still can’t find your webstie’s thumbnail image updated in Alexa,contacting Alexa will do it for you ,Contact Alexa  about mentioning to update your website’s thumbnail image .

Update 2 :Since Alexa redesigned their site ,Alexa is no  longer showing thumbnail image for websites .

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