windows XP setup

Generally when we try to reinstall windows we set CD\DVD drive as First boot option and hard drive as the second option.what to do if we don’t get a prompt of  press any key to run from CD or when CD does not auto run .

The thing happened  to me is as I was waiting for prompt for press any key to run from CD ,it skips  reading from CD and directly loads Windows.Though we can install windows from windows using CD it’s not the recommended option.

How  I overcame that:

1.I set first and second boot option as CDROM and set try other boot devices to NO.

2.After what happened it gave” boot disk failure error and insert boot media and press any key to continue “,as I pressed it checks for all boot devices as it had no option it read CD and Windows set up ran without any problems.

3.There are several reasons why  CD  running is not initialized ,if you encountered this problem try this trick.

Have you faced any problems during windows setup? how you overcame them ,share with us in comments

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