There is lot of Buzz about Downadup\Conficker Worm that spreads through auto run of USB memory devices ,PCs that have security updates not installed .The count of PCs infected with this worm is 9 million and may be more as of today’s date .This worm is exploiting through remote procedure call in Windows.

According to security experts they haven’t seen this kind of amazing Worm that is rapidly spreading and infecting the PCs across the network of computers that have weak password policies,no security updates,having open shares and through auto run of USB devices.

The names of Worm that are now known as Conficker,Downadup.

How the Downadup\Conficker worm spreads

1.It spreads through file-sharing loop hole in all windows operating systems by sending infected packets remotely  through unpatched systems.

2.Worm can also spread by Brute-force password attacks.

3.By auto run of USB devices  and removable devices.

How to know Your PC is infected

1.The symptoms are automatic updates gets disabled.

2.Security Websites cant’ open ,as worm it self restricts access to these sites.

3.Account Lockout policies will be  reset automatically

How do  I protect My PC from this virus\worm being enter into my system

As I already mentioned above it occurs through three ways.

1.If your windows is updated till now ,you are protected from this worm ,if you are not sure you have this update installed ,all can download this security update released by Microsoft from here

2..Also present January security updates of Microsoft which updated  Malicious Removal tool (MSRT) now removes Downadup\Conficker worm.

3.You need to also disable autorun feature of all drives ,we can do that through group Policy editor.For full article see here.

My System is Infected with Downadup\Confikcer Worm,how to remove the worm?

So as the Conficker\Downadup it self blocks access to security sites .Go to a computer that is not infected with this worm and download removal tool mentioned below.

1.W32.downadup removal tool :Symantec  security vendor released a removal tool for Downadup\conficker

Download  w32.downadup removal  tool from  and also see the instruction on how to use it.

2.F-secure also released disinfection tool for Downadup\Conficker

3.To use these  removal tools disconnect  from internet .After using the removal tool either of them scan tour systems with Anti-virus and make sure system is clean., read the procedure on how to use these removal tools given with readme file provided in      F-secure’s  Downadup removal tool.

Image Credit:matteo .informatico

Have you patched your PC from Being attacked by Downadup\conficker Worm? share with us in comments

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