It will be very useful for us to know when the website was last updated, that is when the new posts are posted or content of a page is updated. We can find webpage recently updated date and  time with a simple trick.

1. Just open any  website in the Firefox and paste below JavaScript code in the address bar by replacing the website URL and press enter to to know last  updated date and time of website.

Update Septemer 28, 2014: Browsers these days, not allowing to run JavaScript commands from the address bar, don’t worry! But still there is a way, read: How to Run JavaScript Commands in Chrome and Firefox Browsers?


updated time of website

We can even bookmark this, and with a single click from Chrome we can find  the last update time of any website.

2. Creating Bookmark in Chrome:

Open Google chrome in a new tab and select star to bookmark empty webpage as updatetime.

bookmarking in chrome

Now you can view this updatedtime  in navigation bar of Google Chrome .

editing bookmark in chrome

right click on it select edit and in the URL paste the above JavaScript code and close.

edit bookmark

Now open any website in Google Chrome click updatetime will display last updated date and time of a website.

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