Normally if you have used Windows 2003 server you could have known to select reason for shutdown of computer,by default shutdown event tracker is disabled in windows XP .We can enable Shutdown Event tracker in Windows XP.

Enabling shutdown Event tracker in Windows XP can be very useful to  troubleshoot the shutdown problems by based on reasons log file in event viewer.

To enable Shutdown event tracker in Windows XP:

1.Open registry editor by typing regedit in Run box and enter

2.Now navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Reliability  select ShutdownReasonUI in the right pane modify it to give the  value “1”.


3.Restart your computer.

shutdown event tracker

Now from onwards when you click shutdown button shutdown event tracker prompts you to select reason for shutdown or restart of computer ,on selecting reason which  will be saved as log in system category  in event viewer.This will be very useful to system administrators and also users for troubleshooting shutdown problems through system log file of event viewer .

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